Due to the current restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Camp Makhaseh has made necessary changes and adjustments in order to adapt to what is required by the provincial and regional government. It is our commitment to provide a safe environment so that your kids feel protected, and you feel confident and reassured when leaving your children in our care.
For more details about our COVID Protocols, please click here.


At Camp Makhaseh, we choose to keep our number of campers low to ensure that your child doesn’t get “lost in the pack”. As leaders, we are very intentional about getting to know every camper and making them feel safe and loved. In the past, we have been able to maintain a ratio of 1 staff for every 3 campers. We want to make sure all campers feel treated as an individual and valued by our staff. For a list of our staff so far this summer, click here. Stay tuned as more volunteers will be added periodically. 


The heartbeat of Camp Makhaseh is the desire for every one of our campers to have a real encounter with Jesus Christ. Each of our leaders have made the choice to passionately follow Jesus with their lives. Our chapel time is an opportunity for us to open the Bible and hear what it says about life, faith and God. We hope build strong connections with our campers and love to openly engage in conversations. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers as we are still trying to figure it out ourselves too. We welcome campers to express their doubts and ask us anything.


At both our Jr. & Sr. Camps, part of chapel time includes worship music from a live band consisting of a number of our talented volunteer leaders. It is both energetic and reflective, and gives us an opportunity to worship God together.


Every year at Camp Makhaseh we base our program on the popular TV show, Survivor. Campers love the experience they get working in tribes, competing in challenges, and of course, sitting on the edge of their seat at Tribal Council each night (don’t worry, we don’t vote anyone out of camp). All week long, each tribe earns points in a variety of different ways which then add up to votes at the Final Tribal Council where they have a chance to become the Ultimate Survivors, have their tribe name engraved on a trophy and share a big table of delicious treats! We like to go all out with immunity challenges, rewards, hidden immunity necklaces,and as many twists as we can imagine! Challenges come in many different forms like team sports, puzzles, obstacle courses, food and endurance challenges and more. You are sure to love our Survivor theme this summer!


We have something for everyone! If you aren’t into sports and games, we also have a great craft program at Camp. It is threaded throughout the main program of camp, but campers can also take part in different creative activities throughout the week if they want to find a way to fill up their free time.


Campfire is always a favourite part of Camp Makhaseh, which would be expected at any summer camp. Our campfires are extra special because this is where Tribal Council happens each night. Aside from that, we also have lots of fun campfire songs, snacks and even personal stories from our leaders of their own struggles, endurance, and the goodness of God.