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Camp Makhaseh

July 4-8, 2022



At Camp Makhaseh Day Camp, we intentionally choose to keep our number of campers small to ensure that your child doesn’t get “lost in the pack”. As leaders, we are very intentional about getting to know every camper and making them feel safe and loved. In the past, we have even had a large enough staff for ratios of 1 staff for every 3 campers. We want to make sure that they feel treated as an individual, and we want to get to know them on an individual basis as well.

Click here for a list of our staff who are attending camp this summer.

JK- Grade 4

Come experience our small, close-knit community!

redeemer bible church

3017 Montrose Rd.

Niagara Falls, ON

Campers will get split up into 4 different teams and compete against each other throughout the whole week to earn points in order to give them a chance to win! The winning team gets there team name engraved on the Kahuna Cup and can enjoy some great prizes! Points are awarded for winning challenges, good behaviour and many other things throughout the week!

4-Team Competition

Teams compete to win the Kahuna Cup!

Central to our very existence and purpose of Camp Makhaseh is the desire for each one of our campers to have a real encounter with Jesus Christ. Each of our leaders have made the choice to passionately follow Jesus with their lives, and so our chapel time is an opportunity for us to open the Bible and hear what it says about life, faith and God. We’re not pushy with our faith, but love to openly engage in conversations and answer questions. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers as we are still trying to figure it out ourselves too. We give students a clear choice with what they believe about Jesus and welcome them to express their doubts and ask us anything.


Open conversations about faith, the Bible and fun songs

For those who aren’t too much into sports and games, we also have the opportunity to create great crafts at Camp which is woven throughout the main program.


An opportunity to create that's woven throughout the main program

We provide a great selection of snacks for campers throughout the week. We are very conscientious of the snacks we provide by being aware of the many different allergies that may be present at camp.

Great selection of allergy-friendly snacks provided throughout the week


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