Policies and Guidelines


Drop off of campers takes place at Redeemer Bible Church (3017 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls) at the appointed times for each camp. Please ensure to arrive approximately 20-30 minutes prior to departure time with all luggage to allow for camper registration, packing of luggage on the bus and passing off any medication to the Camp Nurse. Please remember to provide a photocopy of your child’s health card and emergency contact information.


Jr. Camp: Saturday, August 17th at 1PM
Sr. Camp: Tuesday, August 20th at 1PM


Pick up of campers takes place at Redeemer Bible Church (3017 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls). Arrival of the bus back at the church after camp varies depending on departure from camp as well as traffic conditions. Please ensure that you sign out your child with the registration team when picking them up.


Jr. Camp: Tuesday, August 20th at approximately 3PM
Sr. Camp: Saturday, August 24th at approximately 3PM


Enjoy your time while your child is at camp! Please do not drop in, as these visits prove to be disruptive for your child and to others at camp. Do not call or expect phone calls from your children. In case of emergencies at home, please inform church office to communicate to us, by calling 905-356-6888. In case of emergencies at camp, parents will be notified immediately, shall your child need to go to the nearby hospital. If you need to get in touch with your child in case of an emergency at home, please contact the church office of Redeemer Bible Church at 905-356-6888 during regular business hours, Tuesday-Friday. If outside of business hours, you can contact the Camp Director at 905-687-0512.


At a minimum, we maintain a 1:5 Staff to Camper ratio onsite for the duration of camp, which greatly exceeds the provincial standard of 1:15.


We employ a 3 STRIKE SYSTEM for dealing with disruptive or disrespectful behaviour. In case of an incident, the following will be implemented:
  • Camper will receive 2 warnings, or 1 warning and 1 small punishment (i.e. sit out of event for 5mins, etc.)
  • On third strike, disciplinary actions (see next section) will be taken


Require immediate disciplinary actions: i.e. Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) or Acts that put self or others in danger


  • Removal from conflict
  • Removal from event/activity (i.e game)
  • Revoking of certain privileges
  • Call home to parent/guardian
  • Removal from camp (sent home)
  • Being sent home is a last resort as we want all campers to enjoy their experience.
  • In the event that this does occur, the parent/guardian will be responsible to promptly retrieve their child as soon as possible.


During the week of camp, we employ a Nurse to stay onsite the entire time. It is required that our Nurse be a Registered Nurse, actively employed in their field and have a current Vulnerable Sector Check.


In case of injury, the child will be brought to the Camp Nurse to be assessed and treated. Parents/guardians will be contacted at the collaborative discretion of the Camp Director and the Camp Nurse. If the injury is of a serious nature, the child will immediately be brought to the nearest hospital and the parents/guardians will be contacted as soon as possible to be informed of the incident and the details of the location of the hospital.


In case of illness, the child will be brought to the Camp Nurse to be assessed and treated. Parents/guardians will be contacted at the collaborative discretion of the Camp Director and Camp Nurse, and a decision will be made regarding whether it is necessary or not for the child to remain at camp or return home. If a child needs to return home due to illness, the parent/guardian will be responsible to promptly retrieve their child as soon as possible.


All prescription medication are to be sent with the associated camper in their original prescription containers. All prescriptions will be in the possession of the Camp Nurse throughout the duration of camp. The Camp Nurse will provide the prescribed medication at the applicable times as directed by the physician.


We as a staff are very aware of the potential dangers of nut allergies. As a result, we intentionally create our menus and all food-related activities at camp to completely exclude all nut products, however, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment since we are renting out the camp space from a third party.


During the week of camp, we employ a Lifeguard to work at the swimming pool during the times we are scheduled to swim or be near a body of water. It is required that our Lifeguard have current First Aid & Lifeguard Training as well as a current Vulnerable Sector Check.


Swim Tests are required for all campers on the first day of Camp. Our swim test is conducted by our trained and certified lifeguard.


All volunteers wishing to serve at Camp Makhaseh are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Check through the Niagara Regional Police every 5 years. For each year in between, volunteers are required to submit a declaration stating that they have not committed any crimes in the previous year.


In the event of inclement weather, a decision will be made by the Camp Lifeguard as to whether campers will be allowed to go in the water or not. The decision to abandon ‘on water’ activities will be based on (but not limited to) current/forecasted weather conditions and skill level of the group. In the event of inclement weather, an indoor or land-based activities program will be employed.


“When thunder roars, (we) go indoors” … the staff of Camp Makhaseh abide by the Environment Canada’s 30:30 lightning rule and catch phrase. Summer campers and staff will take appropriate shelter when the count between thunder and lightning is 30 seconds or fewer AND remain sheltered for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.


On written withdrawal, refunds will be provided minus a $50 administrative fee prior to the start date of the registered camp session. Fees are non-refundable once the camp session has started.


Information collected from parents or guardians upon registration is disseminated within the organization on a need to know basis to equip staff to better serve our campers. Records are maintained indefinitely at the offices of Redeemer Bible Church. Photos and videos may be taken or recorded for highlight videos and/or advertising purposes. Any requests to limit photography or video will be honored.


It is recommended that your child bring the following:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant)
  • Towels (Swim, Bath, Face)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Bathing Suit
  • Pajamas or sleepwear
  • Undergarments
  • Shorts and a pair of jean or pants
  • T- Shirts (a few)
  • Hoodie or a long sleeve shirt
  • Jacket or rain-wear (if needed)
  • Socks (extra recommended)
  • Running shoes for sports and hiking
  • Flip flops or sandals around swimming
  • Sun hat
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Bible (if you have one)


Please put your child’s name on all belongings. We cannot guarantee the safekeeping of extra items and are not responsible for the loss or damage of items. Campers are not permitted to bring candy, pop, video games, cell phones, books, or money, tablets, music devices, pocket knives, video games, trading cards, weapons of any kind, and toys. Parents/guardians who are unsure about an item should ask a staff member upon arrival or contact the Camp Makhaseh leadership prior to camp.


Please check your child for head lice prior to leaving for camp. Any child found to be with head lice while at camp will have their parent/guardian contacted immediately to have them picked up from camp.