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NAME: Anne Clarkson

CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Crafts Director, Official Camp Mom, Camp Figurehead

NAME: Avery Servos

NICKNAME: “The Hoff”
CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Lifeguard, Kitchen Help
ABOUT: Avery is from Barrie Ontario and is currently attending Georgian College for Fitness and Health Promotion while she works at Goodlife Fitness part time. She likes Nutella, skating, eating and sleeping.

NAME: Jesse Stockton

NICKNAME: “Jetlag”
CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Tribe Leader, Comic Relief
ABOUT: Jesse has been attending camp since he was just 5 years old. He enjoys fast food, long cries and the books of Theodor Geisel. He dislikes juice boxes, crickets and the phrase “a whole ‘nother”. Jesse hopes that you will join us this year at camp as he is PUMPED to start our brand new mantra of positive change, growth & connectivity. According to Jesse: “You truly have to see it to believe it.”

NAME: John Haanappel

NICKNAME: “Electro”
CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Tribe Leader
ABOUT: John is a retired electrician from Chippawa. He is heavily involved in his church and loves to serve and to spend time with his children and grandchildren. John frequently goes on missions trips to Africa with Galcom International.

NAME: Kelly Del Vecchio

NICKNAME: “Fergie”
CAMP: Both
YEAR: 1st
ROLE AT CAMP: Tribe Leader and helping with crafts
ABOUT: Kelly is retired and loving every minute. This is her first time at camp and may be a bit nervous! She is involved with the children’s ministry at Redeemer Bible Church. She loves scrapbooking, scrapbooking retreats and buying scrapbooking supplies! There is no such thing as too much paper or too many embellishments!

NAME: Louisa McLeod

NICKNAME: “Chiefette”
CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Camp Director
ABOUT: Louisa graduated from Brock University with a degree in Rec & Leisure and is currently serving as the Director of Children’s Ministries at Redeemer Bible Church. Louisa has lived in the Niagara area her whole life and she is a huge fan of the New England Patriots…so if you know what’s good for you, don’t talk trash about ‘em.

NAME: Maria Krieg

CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Tribe Leader
ABOUT: Retired Chippawa native Maria (“Oma”) loves to run around and play and has had lots of practice with her 9 grandchildren. Writing and illustrating stories, creating art from junk, and caring for her 86 year old mom are her favourite activities. And eating veggies. And encouraging others to eat veggies. Just ask her family.

NAME: Nancy DeGroot

YEAR AT CAMP: 8th (Plus years as a camper)
ROLE AT CAMP: Sr. Camp Tribe Leader and Band
ABOUT: Nancy is a recent graduate from Brock University’s Concurrent Education program (2017). She is currently an occasional teacher with a local board and continuing her studies with Brock. Nancy has been a part of camp for quite some time as she began as a JR. camper and joined the leadership team during high school. She has a passion for this camp and hasn’t stuck around just for the great food. Nancy loves giraffes, as she relates to their height. She also enjoys the singing, food of any kind, and is a massive movie/book nerd. She. is. Groot.

NAME: Paul Smylski

CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Camp Director, Band, Survivor Host
ABOUT: Paul has been serving as the Pastor of Family Ministries at Redeemer Bible Church since 2014. Paul was a camper at the very first Camp in 1990 and went for a few years after that. Paul has been married to his wife Robyn since 2006 and they have one daughter together. Paul loves hockey and Frisbee Golf. His favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and pretty much anything superhero-related.

NAME: Stephen Mason

CAMP: Both
ROLE AT CAMP: Kitchen Help, Band
ABOUT: Stephen has been serving as the Associate Pastor at Redeemer Bible Church since 2012. Stephen and his wife Wendy have 4 children (Rebekah, Jonathan, Anna & Elizabeth) and are also a foster family. Stephen enjoys playing ice hockey, playing the guitar, Star Wars and drinking coffee.

NAME: Vito Del Vecchio

NICKNAME: “Veet Man”
CAMP: Both
Year: 4th
ROLE AT CAMP: Tribe Leader
ABOUT: Vito is retired, though sometimes it is hard to tell. He volunteers tirelessly at Redeemer Bible Church for anything that involves power tools! He enjoys wood working, golf and watching football with his grandsons. He is currently an Elder at Redeemer Bible Church.

Stay tuned for more additions to our staff as we get closer to Camp…