Camp Reunion

Saturday, October 20 from 3-5 pm

Held at Redeemer Bible Church, 3017 Montrose Rd, Niagara Falls.

Games, snacks, 2018 Highlight Video and official trophy presentation.

Junior Camp – August 18 – 21, 2018
(Grades 2-5 completed)
Senior Camp – August 21 – 25, 2018
(Grades 6-9 completed)
CAMP MAKHASEH seeks to be a place of safety, refuge and trust. That is what “Makhaseh” means in its original Hebrew. At camp, we provide a well-rounded program that teaches Biblical truths, values and principles to help each camper in their understanding of God and His plan for their lives. We also include energetic music, engaging activities, challenging Biblical teaching and opportunities to create lasting relationships with other campers and leaders as well. We do our best to create camp as a place where young people can come as they are and ask any questions they have about life, faith and God.
Formerly known as “Camp Bring-a-Friend”, this camp has been in operation since 1990 at several different locations across Southern Ontario, and is now hosted at Camp Sidrabene, a Latvian campground in Burlington, ON.
We offer two different camps each year with one amazing experience…SURVIVOR CAMP is the theme for both of our camps during the summer. It is based on the popular, long-running reality TV show, and puts 4 tribes against each other in a number of diverse challenges that test brains as well as brawn. Tribes collect points during the week by way of challenges and behaviour, which increases their chances to be crowned the ultimate survivors, have their tribe name immortalized on the Kahuna Cup (Jr. Camp) or the Fraser Cup (Sr. Camp) forever and enjoy the spoils of victory!
Register now for Camp Makhaseh!

2018 Registration Form


ITEM                                                                                                   RATE*
JR CAMP EARLYBIRD (before May 31, 2018)                                $100/PERSON
SR CAMP EARLYBIRD (before May 31, 2018)                                $130/PERSON
JR CAMP REGULAR RATE (after May 31, 2018)                             $120/PERSON
SR CAMP REGULAR RATE (after May 31, 2018)                             $150/PERSON
BRING-A-FRIEND DISCOUNT**                                                         $20 OFF
ORGANIZATION DISCOUNT***                                                         50% OFF

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*Additional financial support is available upon request on a first come/first served basis. Please send in a request letter detailing your reason for request along with your application.
** The “Bring-a-Friend” Discount applies when a returning camper refers a new student who is attending camp for the first time.
*** The “Organization” Discount applies to students who apply through F.A.C.S., Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc.

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